Our Impact

People can live their best lives when they are educated, financially stable and healthy.  Attaining any one of these alone is good, but it is not enough.  Only people that have all three are able to build - and sustain - a vibrant community. 

Our Impact in 2017


For all his adult life, Ralph struggled with mental health issues.  He was in and out of jail, and was unable to hold a steady job due to his untreated bipolar disorder.  He knew that with the proper care and medication he could turn his life around, however he was unable to afford his prescriptions which cost thousands of dollars per year.  That's where United Way stepped in.

Ralph enrolled in the United Way-funded Medicine Assistance Program (MAP), which allowed him to access vital medications.  Since starting a consistent medication regimen, Ralph has returned to college and graduated with honors.  He now works full time in a supervisory position, provides for his wife and kids, and mentors his younger coworkers.

Raplh has received medications valued at $47,524 since enrolling in MAP.  Oaklawn's MAP coordinator, Jennifer Smith, states "and he's just one of many!  This year I've already helped 261 clients get medications worth over one million dollars!"