There is Hope for Everyone

“Is there hope for me?”
Donna spent her career as a nurse caring for others. However, life had not treated her with the same kindness. Donna witnessed the death of her husband and three of her seven children. Two of her daughters lost their lives to the same disease that was now plaguing Donna... cancer. One daughter left Donna to care for her 14 year old daughter, Alizee.
After Donna’s first surgery for colon cancer she woke up to find a Ribbon of Hope volunteer at her bedside. “Is there hope for me?” she asked upon seeing Ribbon of Hope’s logo. “Yes, there is hope for you,” was the answer.
Relying on only her Social Security income to support Alizee and herself, Donna worried how she would make it through her treatments. That is where Ribbon of Hope stepped in. They provided her transportation to her treatments, helped with bills, groceries and even provided Christmas presents for her and Alizee.
Ribbon of Hope wrapped Donna and Alizee in their loving arms as they visited, called and sent cards of encouragement that one day she would be cancer free.
“I don’t know how I would have handled cancer with out (Ribbon of Hope). If it weren’t for them I would be depressed, down in the dumps and lonely. They lifted my spirits. I wasn’t alone as I fought my cancer. Ribbon of Hope will keep you, help you... they are with you to the end... I love them.”
Today, Donna is cancer free and looking forward to watching her granddaughter graduate and go to school for nursing.
BeCAUSE of you, great things happen when we LIVE UNITED.