I Was Broken Inside

“I was broken inside”...
“My husband of 30 years walked out on me and left me with the house... I lost my house. I took care of my mom the last month and a half of her life before she died of brain cancer and I had to put my dog to sleep. I was broken.”
Debbie’s family had always told her she was the strong one. She didn’t know what to do when she found herself depressed and almost homeless.  One day when she was at the grocery store she heard a lady talking about a food pantry. “I needed food. I came in the back door...” Little did Debbie know that when she walked through the door she was walking into a new life.
Soup of Success (SOS) is a 20 week intensive job and life skills training program. At that time Debbie was working two days a week cleaning but found it hard to work more due to her severe depression and sciatica which she struggled with for seven years.
“This program was a life saving experience for me. I learned to not give up, not to stop and to believe in what I’m doing. Today, I’m a more confident woman. I came here thinking I was the only one hurting but I found there are many more out there hurting, too. I wasn’t alone. When I came here I was broken inside but when I finished I was a strong confident woman.”
Today, Debbie has a full time job and a place to live. 
“I don’t go to food pantries anymore because I have money to spend on food. It feels good. Now I give back as much as I can (to help other people who are in need)”
Great things happen when you LIVE UNITED. Thank you for creating opportunities for a better life with United Way of Elkhart County.