Crossing Over

Families in Elkhart County work hard... some work really hard.
Michael’s family is one of those that works really hard. His mother is the head of the household. She works three jobs to support Michael and his two sisters. She drives bus, works at ADEC and works in the school cafeteria.
Michael worked hard too... at school. However, no matter how hard he worked he struggled. He found it difficult to focus... which led to poor grades... to being bullied... and to a fight that got Michael expelled from school.
Michael felt terrible for letting his mom down. He wasn’t sure what to do. He decided to give the Crossing a try. Immediately he was impressed by how different things were there. He was able to work at his own pace. The teachers were available after class and after hours. His grades began to climb... D’s and F’s turned into A’s and B’s... he got on track to graduate on time.
Michael branched out and began taking part in the Wood Works job training program. After attending classes in the mornings, he would go to Wood Works where he learned how to work with others, manage his time, be responsible and value hard work.
“I really enjoy learning how to make things. It’s the best part of my day.”
BeCAUSE of you, Michael had the opportunity for a better life.
“The Crossing changed me a lot. I used to not care about anything. Now... I care. I care about school. I care about work. I care about life. I’m excited about the future. After I graduate, I plan on going into the construction industry.”
BeCAUSE of you, great things happen when we LIVE UNITED.