Community Impact Panel

United Way of Elkhart County
Community Impact Panel Member - Volunteer Description


The Community Impact process distributes local charitable donations in a manner which is accountable, responsive to local needs and geared toward long-term, sustainable change.

Role & Responsibilities

The volunteer panels determine how the United Way allocates local charitable dollars to achieve success.

All Panel members:

  • Actively participate by asking questions, investigating the success of local programs and shaping recommendations for new programs.
  • Work in small groups to debate choices and explore creative options.
  • Utilize key information about local needs, current social services and the United Way’s strategies for long-term change.

Time Commitment

  • 3-year renewable terms
  • 14-18 hours annually

Event/ Time Commitment

Panel Organizational Meeting-  2 hours
Community Partner Review    

  • Partner Programs – Briefing- 2 hours
  • Partner Site Visits (2) -2-4 hours
  • Partner Wrap-Up Session- 2 hours

Innovation Grants    

  • Innovation Grant – Proposal Review- 2 hours
  • Innovation Grant Interviews- 2-4 hours
  • Panel Year-End Wrap Up Session- 2 hours


  • Reside or work in Elkhart County.
  • Able to suspend personal interests and work together to develop recommendations for the common good. 
  • No member shall serve on a panel that reviews an agency, which the panel member is staff, a member of the board of directors or married/related to a staff member. This restriction encourages a fair review and reduces concerns related to conflict of interest


Contact Phone: 574.295.1650