Achieving Dreams

Suzanne dreamed of going back to school to become a repiratory therapist.  She dreamed of being able to help others, and of the additional income she could provide for her family.  Life circumstances, however, seemed to put her dream out of reach.

With a special needs child and two other kids, Suzanne had very little time to do anything but work and take care of her family.  Even though she and her husband worked long hours, money was always tight.  The recession hit Suzanne's family especially hard and they lost their home.  She doubted that she would ever have the time, energy, and resources to pursue her dream.

Then Suzanne's family got involved with a United Way community partner - the Boys & Girls Club, and circumstances began to change.  The Club provided a safe, loving, enriching environment for her kids, and this enabled Suzanne to have enough time to pursue her degree.

"I believe everyone should be able to puruse their dreams and opportunities.  Through Boys & Girls Club my kids had a chance to pursue opportunities with the arts, education, and all sorts of things and I had the opportunity to pursue education and achieve my dream of becoming a respiratory therapist."

Together, we create opportunities for people to achieve thier dreams.  Lives are changed when we LIVE UNITED.

Join United Way of Elkhart County as we fight for the health, education and financial success of every person in our community.