About Us

United Way of Elkhart County was established in 1922.


A letter from the president:

What is the most important invention of all time?  The Wheel?  Electrical Generator?  Indoor Plumbing?  The Internet?  Many scholars believe that the invention that most changed the course of human history was the plow.  Plows enabled people to move away from just surviving through hunting and gathering to thriving through harvesting abundant resources.  As people had enough, they were able to invent new things such as written language, sturdy homes, and vibrant communities.

United Way is committed to developing 21st Century "plows" to change lives.  We recognize that many families work hard but still fall short.  One out of four families in our community need help to break up the hard soil of economic insatbility so that they can move to the fertile soil of financial stability.  United Way is passionate about finding new ways to help working families not only survive, but thrive.

If you are one of United Way's donors or volunteers, THANK YOU for your part in changing lives.  If you are not involved, please join us as we fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community.

God Bless and LIVE UNITED,

Bill Rieth, President/CEO