About Us

United Way of Elkhart & LaGrange Counties fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every member of our community. 


We're working to impact the one out of four families in Elkhart and LaGrange Counties that are working hard but falling short.  We believe that nobody should have to choose between food or a doctor appointment, repairing their car or filling their prescription.  That's why we're working to bring families to a safer, more sustainable place.


United Way of Elkhart & LaGrange Counties was established in 1922.


A letter from the president:

A state of emergency was declared as 1,600 homes and businesses were damaged during the unprecedented flooding in Elkhart County in February of 2018.  Our community's resilience was on full display as we united together in the aftermath to rebuild homes, livelihoods, and a sense of normalcy for those affected by the rising waters.

Kathryn's home was severely damaged in the disaster.  "I had nowhere to turn, but you were there.  You helped me find emergency housing and then repair my home.  I would never have made it through without people like you," she said of the Flood Recovery Task Force that United Way helped form.

Pitching in to help our neighbors is what United Way is all about.  Whether it's a natural disaster, a medical emergency, or an economic recession, at some point in our lives we all experience unexpected and uncontrollable obstacles to our success.  When these problems seem insurmountable we must turn to our community.

Providing opportunities for all to become Philanthropists and collectively build a stronger community is at the very core of our mission.  Together we fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community.  We are working families helping working families rise above challenges for a better tomorrow.

We are stronger together.

If you are one of United Way's donors, advocates, or volunteers THANK YOU for your part in improving lives.  If you are not yet involved, please join us.

Together we fight.  Together we win.

God Bless and LIVE UNITED,

Bill Rieth, President/CEO