Workshop Registration Descriptions


Workshop Descriptions

Own It!  Strategies for Your Organization to Foster Team Buy-In (Breakfast Series)

“Ownership means saying, "You will" is unnecessary because the employee has already said, "I will"

How involved is your team in not only the day to day operations of your organization, but rather in the overall vision and mission of your organization? uLEAD will walk you through several activities that will help you start to nurture the ownership of your team in order to strengthen their leadership gifts while improving the success of your organization.  Through utilizing a Full Value Covenant, you will experience and learn a tool that prepares team members to feel that they have a stake in the direction of your organization.

June 30 at Logan Center
2505 E. Jefferson Blvd., South Bend, IN 46615
Presenter Ben Rheinheimer
Time:  8AM--10AM

$25 includes breakfast and all materials

Revving Up Your Resource Development

Lunch and Learn with Dave Sternberg

Back by popular demand!  We are teaming up with Dave Sternberg again to offer his popular fundraising training at a discounted rate in Ft. Wayne.  

The economy is revving up, your fundraising program should be as well! 

Growing and maintaining your donor base is essential to fundraising success.  There may be new strategies… but what are the trends and how can we best grow our revenue?  Come to see how to analyze your results, modify your strategies and see what the sectors are experiencing.

Thursday, August 18
Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana
10008 Dupont Circle Dr. E
Fort Wayne, IN
Presenter Dave Sternberg
Time:  11AM--1PM

$25 includes all materials and lunch

Here Comes the "BOOM" Mini-Conference:  Boomer Engagement in  Nonprofit Strategy

If you were thinking Boomers are of no use to your organization, you may need a “BAMF” on the forehead

The Boomer generation is equipped to help in a variety of ways. Over the next 40 years Boomers represent an enormous wealth transfer, a potential $20.6 trillion in charitable giving alone “KAPOW!” The generation has also “SMASHED” the concept of the “encore career,’ with retirees “SOCK”-ing their experience and skills into volunteer roles or paid “second act” jobs which have a positive social impact. Come prepare your nonprofit to benefit from Boomer engagement! The day will be filled with “BANG” interactive presenters and training culminating in a keynote luncheon with Vicki Floyd-Clark.

September 8th at Sugar Grove Church
58512 Old County Road 17, Goshen, IN 46528
Keynote Vicki Floyd-Clark
Time:  8:30AM - 2:00PM
8:30 - 9:00AM Registration
9:00 - 10:30AM Boomer Giving & Strategy
10:30 - 10:45AM BREAK
10:45AM - 12:15PM Boomer staff & Boomer Wellness
12:15 PM Luncheon Keynote
$65 includes luncheon keynote and all materials

Leveraging Generational Differences in the Workplace

Lunch and Learn

“Why won’t they put down their phone and make eye contact?”

“How many years do I have to sit here before they’ll listen to me?”
“Where will I find the time to give Millennials all the feedback they think they need?”
“Do they really think I’m going to put my life on hold and work late a couple times every week?”
“Why don’t these younger employees think they have to pay their dues before they start telling people what they think?”

Sound familiar? If so, you’re seeing the impact of generational differences in your workplace.  And, while your default may be to think ‘your way’ (insert your generation here) is the best way, the reality is every generation has valuable talents, knowledge and work styles to contribute to the workplace.   Take the leap and join us to learn about the ‘ghost stories’ that have shaped the values and behaviors of each generation.  Gain insight into the common ‘sticking points’ around these generational differences and learn a process for leveraging these generational differences  as strengths in the workplace. 

September 15 at Logan Center
June 30 at Logan Center
2505 E. Jefferson Blvd., South Bend, IN 46615
Presenters Erin Cressy, Ph.D. and Mickey Hay, Ph.D.
Time:  11AM--1PM

$25 includes breakfast and all materials

Outputs, Outcomes - What's the Logic?

Competition for funding is fierce!  Your outcomes should exceed the competition's

Outcomes tell us “what happened” the “change” as a result of using resources and engaging in activities to improve the lives of people. Outcomes are the “change everyone wants to see.” Keith Sarber will present an interactive learning experience on the outcome management process. Keith is the North Regional Director for the Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network and has spent the last 9 years helping United Ways and regional nonprofits with funding evaluation, Board development, strategic planning, fundraising campaigns and impact.
Participants will learn:
  • How to write clear and measurable outcomes, particularly hard to measure outcomes
  • An understanding of outcomes and how they differ from outputs
  • Key terms
  • The benefit of outcome measurement
September 22 at the Steininger Center for the Community
700 S. Main St. Auburn, IN
Presenter Keith Sarber
Time:  10AM--3PM
$25 includes lunch and all materials