There is Hope for Everyone

“Is there hope for me?”
Donna spent her career as a nurse caring for others. However, life had not treated her with the same kindness. Donna witnessed the death of her husband and three of her seven children. Two of her daughters lost their lives to the same disease that was now plaguing Donna... cancer. One daughter left Donna to care for her 14 year old daughter, Alizee.


The Cody Academy of Public Leadership is one of United Way’s Turn-Around Schools. Cody High used to be a struggling school, but by breaking it into several smaller academies where students attended all their classes with the same group of peers, and teachers were able to spend more time with each individual student, the administration was able to foster a more close-knit and nurturing environment in which students like Donniqua can thrive.

Dig a Water Hole

Our story begins with 16-year old Suleiman Ibrahaim, a young man who is no longer missing classes at school. What accounts for his improved attendance rate? It’s not a new school. It’s not better teachers. It’s actually something as simple as water.