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Spicing up your workplace is one way to make the United Way Workplace Campaign more exciting.

The number of ways an incentive can be used is limitless. The important thing is to use incentives as a tool to increase participation or increase the average gift of your employees. What works in one company many not work in yours, so do whatever works for you.

Date Incentives: "Early Bird" draws are used to motivated employees to turn in their pledge cards by a specified date. They are also used to build excitement.

example: "Employees" who return their pledge form by (date) are entered into a drawing to win (prize).

Increase Donation Incentives: Donors who increase their donation by (x amount) will receive a (prize) OR are entered into a draw to win a prize.

free/no cost

  • jeans day
  • reserved/special parking
  • sleep-in late awards
  • car washed by the boss or co-worker
  • prizes or gift certificates donated by vendors
  • managers do the winner's job for an hour/day

low cost

  • call in "well" day
  • movie tickets/ lunch gift certificate
  • lottery tickets
  • 2 hour lunch break
  • traveling trophy
  • United Way logo materials
  • lunch out with the boss
  • office redecorated/cleaned (Trading Spaces)
  • flowers or cookies each month of the year

gold ticket swag

  • golf lessons or free rounds of golf
  • chair massages
  • weekend get-a-ways
  • tickets for special events
  • airline tickets or frequent flyer miles

United Way Store

Looking for something specific for your company? Items with the United Way logo can be ordered directly from the Supplies Catalog. The United Way store offers everything from inexpensive pens to apparel and golf items. Contact us for a catalog.

Did you know that companies who use employee incentives raise 12% more and have 10% more employees participate?


When we reach out a hand to one we influence the condition of all.

When you give to the United Way, you're lending a hand to your neighbors, family and friends who live right here in Elkhart County.

When we LIVE UNITED... Elkhart County does more... it's that simple.

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Helping children and youth achieve their potential.

  • Kindergarten Readiness
    Readiness to succeed in school means children enter kindergarten developmentally on track.
  • Elementary Readiness
    Reading on grade-level by fourth grade means elementary students are prepared to succeed in later grades and to graduate from high school
  • High School Graduation
    Academic achievement is reflected in one-time high school graduation rates

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Promoting financial stability and independence.

  • Adult Education
    How can adults best engage with post-high school learning opportunities to, in two years or less, move from a low-skill job to a middle skill job?
  • Financial Literacy
    How can a family best learn the fundamental money skills they need to successfully meet their basic needs?
  • Savings & Assets
    How can a family best develop the assets they need to remain financially stable during changes in income, illness or other events.

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Improving people's health.

  • Dental
    Untreated dental health problems interfere with the ability to learn, eat and work.
  • Hunger
    If a person is hungry, everything else in life becomes a challenge.
  • Medical Self-Advocacy
    How can a family best learn the fundamental skills they need to successfully navigate a difficult diagnosis?

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