August 26- Set Sail With Us

Join the 7th Annual Great Cardboard Boat Race

 August 26, 2016

We set sail at 3P.M.

For the last 6 years, UWEC has been kicking off the annual campaign with a little cardboard boat race.  Colleagues, families, friends and neighbors get into the spirit of seeing if it will "float".  Everyone is welcome to build a boat.  Be sure to read the instructions as the "water displacement formula" is not a suggestion... it's science!

Join the Fleet!

Register to race by downloading a registration packet.

View the 2016 Boat Race Rules.

Your registration includes:

  • entry in the race
  • 2 tshirts for crew and a discount for additional shirts
  • Food truck fare - tickets for the crew and guests
  • 5 pieces of 4ft x 8ft cardboard

Want to join us for the V.I.P.  Event Boots & Boats on August 25th?  Guests are th

Are you a seafarer who likes to live on the edge? How about a landlubber who likes to help others? 

Every year a crew of greenhorn and seasoned volunteers help us keep afloat! If you'd like to volunteer click here.

Come watch them sail away with a big win... or meet 

Davy Jones as their hopes sink...

The race is FREE and open to the public. The boats set sail at 3p.m. 

Come early to catch late lunch fare off the food trucks and chat with the Capt'ns and Crews.