IF Night

Calling all nonprofit innovators, visionaries, realists and idealists: tell us your idea to help hard working families in our community.  IF your idea is chosen by our judges, you will receive funding that night!

Presenters will have exactly five minutes to pitch the perfect proposal.  IF you have scheming up or stewing on an innovation that would help families move toward stability, we want to hear it. This is your chance for funding… IF your idea is bold and your presentation is compelling.
$50,000 will be funded Sept. 27th.  What impact could your idea make for working families?
Restrictions Apply.  Entrants must submit a letter of intent/electronic proposal to sarberk@unitedwayec.org in forms acceptable to the United Way of Elkhart County (“UWEC”) by August 14.  UWEC, in its sole discretion, shall select the participants for IF Night.  All prospective participants must be 501(c)(3) organizations operating in Elkhart County, IN.  Proposals must benefit United Way’s working families platform, and details of that platform can be found at www.unitedwayec.com/IFNight.  The total amount of money available for awards is $50,000, which may be allocated between multiple participants in UWEC’s sole discretion.  All awards shall be subject to the award recipient entering into a grant agreement with UWEC which shall impose restrictions and outcome requirements on the award recipient.  All award decisions shall be at UWEC’s sole discretion and final.                  

Click to view United Way of Elkhart County's Working Families Platform

For more information about IF Night, contact Keith Sarber at sarberk@unitedwayec.org or call 574.295.1650